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Silver Rook Play-Off Reporting


Now that the initial “group stage” of the Silver Rook (Yorkshire League division 3) has nearly been completed, following on from the coverage here of the separate Groups 3a and 3b (which could not have been easily separated on LMS), a follow-on Silver Rook Play-Off Group (equally difficult to present on LMS) kicks in on this website.


The final Play-Off Group is presented with the matches between qualifiers played in the initial Group stage being carried forward.  The cross-group play-off matches will then be added to the carried forward matches to build up the final all-play-all qualifier play-off which the writer assumes is what identifies the two Silver Rook teams earning promotion to the I M Brown for 2024-25 in accordance with A10.


The teams which did not qualify for the play-off have parallel cross-group matches which presumably have no direct effect on the composition of Divisions in 2024-25.  These matches are to be recorded in a collection of all Silver Rook matches from all groups and stages (as on LMS).  If the need arises for any extra team(s) to float up into the I M Brown, then the overall collection of Silver Rook matches potentially provides a guide to the 2024 AGM.