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British Rapidplay Championship 2024


The British Rapidplay Championship which was taken over by the 4NCL for 2023 and held in Bingley, was earlier advertised as to be held in 2024 again in Bradford on 2nd & 3rd of March.  It transpires that this is not now to be as the venue has evidently been changed to Peterborough though no mention of the venue switch as such seems to have been mentioned or explained,  e.g. due to the hotel agreement falling through as seems not too infrequent these days.  This switch appears to have occurred in mid-December.


It could of course be that the 2023 event was run in Bingley out of courtesy to the previous Yorkshire-based organisers, i. e. Brent Kitson & co., as well as to Yorkshire more widely perhaps, but that the subsequent decision by the former organisers to continue the old British Rapidplay Championship as a Yorkshire Open Rapidplay was seen by the 4NCL as justifying a more central venue for the new-format British Rapidplay Championship.