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Silver Rook Second Phase of Season


Although there is still one match left to be played, Doncaster v Leeds B, before the play-off stage, it is possible to identify the qualifiers for the play-off stage, so Competition Controller Andrew Zigmond has drawn up fixtures for the play-off phase to enable room-bookings to be made where necessary.  These have been circulated to Silver Rook team captains.


At the AGM, when there were only 12 teams in the division, it was envisaged the top three teams from each of two 6-team sub-divisions would qualify for the play-off.  Since there were ultimately 13 teams, Andrew decided it would be better to allow 4 team from the 7-team subdivision to qualify.  Thus, there are 7 teams in the play-off, with the remaining 6 teams getting pairings in a parallel also-ran final section.



Final Stage

Initial Section





York E

Leeds B

Harrogate C

Ilkley Knights

Alwoodley B








West Leeds

Bradford B


The slightly unfortunate feature is that 3 of the also-rans (those from Section A) end up having 9 matches in the whole season while the other 3 have only 8 matches.  Of course, had only 6 teams been allowed to qualify for the play-off, then there would have been a similar disparity in match totals in the play-off section.  Such a disparity is inevitable if applying this system to an odd total number of teams.


The fixtures will obviously be added to the ECF LMS website, but they can also be found on this website here.