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What is Happening on This Website




Full Yorkshire League results from 2022-23 have now been archived and the Home page readied for 2023-24.  You can of course access the recent past back to 2018-19 on LMS (2017-18 being incomplete) if you prefer.


Covering for the New Official YCA Website


About a year ago it was decided, presumably by the YCA Executive Committee being the body to whom the affairs of the YCA are constitutionally entrusted, that there would be a new official YCA website to replace this one, which is why this site is now called “Yorkshire Chess News”.  The new site was built, but some things, most importantly the League Rules, were for no clear reason omitted.  Accordingly, I retained the Rules on this website for the whole of season 2022-23 for the convenience of those who needed them - there being of course no longer a hard-copy Year Book of which I was of course the last editor, gathering information and getting it printed.


For the new season, 2023-24, I understand a copy of the Rules has been e-mailed to people, presumably team captains and perhaps others.  So, as part of getting the Home page readied for 2023-24, such residual YCA information like Rules has been removed from this site on the assumption that it will be added to the YCA website.


This Website as Replacement for the YCA Bulletin


This website is now limited primarily to “news” which will continue to include Yorkshire League results, round by round, since a number of people prefer this to poking about in the ECF’s League Management System, which, though admirable for doing what it is meant to do, is not aimed at convenient reporting in the readable style of a newsletter (or the YCA Bulletin of yesteryear - something this website can be seen as replacing).


Considerations Relating to the Silver Rook


This season the Silver Rook has been divided into two preliminary all-play-all sections to be followed by an all-play-all play-off between the top three from each preliminary section (carrying forward matches already played between qualifiers).


On LMS, it transpires matches for both preliminary sections are being recorded within a single Silver Rook competition.  Accordingly, I have modified the program which converts LMS data into divisional result webpages so that it presents the two preliminary groups as discrete competitions.  (It “knows” which teams are in which section.)  Further, when it has been “told” which teams have qualified for the play-off, it will generate, round by round, a webpage for the play-off, pulling in the relevant matches from the preliminary stage alongside the play-off stage’s matches.


Prior commitments preclude reporting on the first round until a few days after the event, but thereafter there are as yet no more calendar clashes.


Fixture Lists


One thing I have retained which might be seen as “YCA data” is the YCA League Fixture List, as its format is more easily digestible than that of LMS and some may find it more convenient than LMS.  This too can be programmatically regenerated from the content of the ever-trusty LMS, and the program “knows” about the Silver Rook being divided into preliminary groups.  I would envisage also showing, as before, a combined fixture list for Yorkshire’s NCCU and ECF county-matches.  (These things are as much for my own convenience as for anyone else’s, helping keep track of what newsworthy items are coming up.)


Monthly-Updated ECF ratings


Another feature of this website which I aim to continue is the Yorkshire extract of monthly-updated ECF ratings.  This of course covers all “Yorkshire” players (as far as they are identifiable as such), not just YCA League players.  Again, this is programmatically generated, this time from the monthly spreadsheet downloadable from the wonderful ECF rating database which of course is now integrated with LMS.  This report has been particularly useful in tracking the level of chess activity in the county, as chess has re-emerged from Covid, and also tracks the size of the player pool in the county, these topics being analysed in the report accompanying publication of each new monthly list.


Other News


The intention is to continue covering Yorkshire congresses, 4NCL matches involving Yorkshire-based teams, YJCA events and such other events as seem of potential interest.



I don’t see any of the above as reasonably being seen as encroaching on YCA website territory.


Steve Mann