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ECF Membership Renewal


The writer received an e-mail from the ECF, sent overnight, encouraging him to renew his ECF membership.  I had been meaning to do that this week but hadn’t got round to it yet.  Part way down the text there is the sentence, “Here’s the link to renew/upgrade - https://ecf.justgo.com/”, so I clicked on the link  but got an “Error 404 - page not found” screen.  The error screen displayed probably depends on your start point.  In my case, the link displayed a dark error screen with a red spot to “turn on the light”.  Click on the red dot displayed the following more amusing screen:


A computer screen shot of a computer screen

Description automatically generated


I sympathise with the poor ECF person who is doing splendid work keeping the wheels turning but slipped on one of life’s banana skins we all dread.


Maybe a replacement e-mail is being knocked up as I type, but, rather than wait for that or trouble the office staff who may be being swamped will e-mails and phone calls on the subject, a better approach would be

1) go to the relevant ECF website page: https://www.englishchess.org.uk/ecf-membership-rates-and-joining-details/,

2) click on the text in the big pink box saying “ Existing members - renew or upgrade here ” which takes you to https://ecf.justgo.com/Account.mvc/Login?ReturnUrl=%2f, and proceed from there.

Simplest would be to click on the above link at step 2.


Your “Username” was on the e-mail sent to you and is your existing 6-digit membership number prefaced by “ME”, e, g. ME013254“.

Your ID is the one you carefully saved somewhere when you first went through the process. (You can click on “Forgot password?” if necessary).


The above ECF website page says, “ . . . . your selected package will last for 12 months from the date of purchase at the checkout.”  That may be true of a new membership or an upgrade, but suggests that for a renewal made on 18/08/2023, of a membership expiring on 31st August, you would “lose” the last 13 days of the existing unexpired membership.  Be reassured, the renewed membership runs in this example from 1st September, i. e. following on straight after the current one.  That at least is what it said in my confirmation e-mail from the ECF, which I’m inclined to believe.


The new expiry date does not immediately appear on the ECF Rating database, but doubtless feeds through in a day or two.