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Yorkshire Open Team Captaincy


At the end of the YCA AGM on 24/07/2023 the position of Yorkshire Open team captain remained vacant.  Subsequent canvassing, almost certainly by Rupert Jones, has led to Randolph Donahue of Leeds taking on the role.


Randolph (aka “Randy”) has been a regular player in Yorkshire county teams for some time, though usually in the under-1850 team or under-160 team before 4-digit ratings.  However, his June 1st rating was 1851, suggesting he might end up ineligible for the under 1850 team in 2023-24.  Indeed, his rating through 2023 to date was over 1850 until late March when it dipped below the bar for a while.


The job is a difficult one with a low rate of return for the amount of work one needs to put in, so let’s hope the players out there make the job as easy as possible by agreeing to play!  Rupert will doubtless be hovering in the wings with help and advice.