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Death of Peter Campbell Gibbs


The death occurred on 02/07/2023, at the George Eliot Hospital Nuneaton, of Bradford-born Peter Gibbs, who was a YCA Honorary Life Member.  He was born in Bradford on 28/05/1934, and so died at the age of 89.


He had moved out of Yorkshire many years ago.  By chance, the first notice on this website was about him, written really just to get something under the “Notices” heading when the website was launched!


Though he was in no way any longer involved in Yorkshire chess, he was on the mailing list for the YCA Bulletin, in its day, and an erstwhile editor of that publication (which this website now seems largely to replace) evoked an indignant “letter to the editor” when the latter chose his words very badly and described Peter as “estranged” from Yorkshire (meaning to imply simply that he no longer lived here).  Peter’s response conveyed that he was definitely not estranged from his native county!


His father, William Gibbs, was a chess-playing Bradford police officer who presumably taught his son to play, but Peter clearly soon became much stronger than his father.  An early success was becoming joint winner of the British Boys’ Championship title in 1952.  After moving to the Midlands he held various offices in the Midland Counties’ Chess Union and was a newspaper chess columnist.  In more recent years he was involved in correspondence chess; he won the British Veterans’ Correspondence Chess Championship of 1999-2000 and also held office in the English Federation for Correspondence Chess.


His address in the 1970s and 1980s was 11 Salisbury Road, Hinckley, Burbage, Leicestershire, LE10 2AR.  Around the same period, a certain P. C. Gibbs. LLB., A.C.I.S., A.M.B.I.M., M.I.L.G.A. was secretary and solicitor to the Borough Council of Hinckley and Bosworth.  This was the chess-player in his “day job”.




(Above) Peter C Gibbs, as joint British Boy Champion, representing England in the 1952 2-day 6-board boys’ team competition between England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales held 23rd & 24th July 1952.  (This was presumably an early version of what became known as the Glorney Cup.)