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Death of Sue Maroroa Jones

Born 04/03/1991. Auckland, New Zealand; died 11/04/2023, Sheffield


S Maroroa


Gawain Jones informed people on behalf of the family of the tragic death on 11th May of his wife, WIM Sue Yuchan Maroroa Jones, following complications arising after the birth of their second child, Daniel, via a Face Book post which it is hoped it is in order to reproduce here:


It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we announce that my beautiful wife, Sue Maroroa Jones, has passed away.


An incredible and cherished mother of Samaria and baby Daniel, beloved daughter of the late Temu Maroroa and Suee Lee Maroroa, and wonderful sister of Andrew Maroroa, she leaves behind a loving family who will miss her greatly.


Please send your personal memories of Sue to MaroroaJones@gmail.com.  It would mean a great deal to me and the family during this difficult time.


Thank you for keeping the Maroroa Jones family in your thoughts.


On behalf of the family,





Sue was born on 04/03/1991 in Auckland, New Zealand.  Her late father Temu was a chess-player as is her younger brother Andrew, but neither to the same standard as Sue who achieved the Woman International Master title in 2009.  Before moving to England, she represented New Zealand in Olympiads at which time she was still known as Sue Yuchan Maroroa.


After settling in England, she played local league chess for Hammersmith in the Thames Valley League, and has appeared for Drunken Knights in the Surrey Border League.  Then, after marrying Gawain and moving to Sheffield, she played local league chess for Hillborough in 2018-19 and appeared for Yorkshire White Rose in the 4NCL in 2011-12 and from 2013-14 to 2017-18.


Sue was also active in Sheffield as a player and club official for Sheffield RUFC’s women’s team for 5 seasons from 2015.


Starting a family meant Sue retired from both chess and rugby football.  Daughter Samaria was born in 2020.  Son Daniel was born not long before Sue so tragically died at the age of 32.


The Maroroa Jones family are in the thoughts of chess-players around the whole country and have people’s deepest sympathies at what must be an incredibly difficult time.


Above photo by Gawain Jones is from Wikimedia Commons.

The occasion was the Icelandic Team League of 2013-14 when Sue was playing for GM Hellir - B Team, Gawain being in the A-team.