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Yorkshire ECF February O-t-B Ratings

(See list here.)


The number of Yorkshire players with over-the-board ECF ratings, standard or rapid or both, has shot up significantly from January to February 2023.  This probably stems partly from new players and post-Covid returners reaching the point where the number of standard-rate games played has tipped over into the numbers needed to get a rating, but a greater increase seems to have occurred in those newly getting a rapid-play rating due to a number of recent rapid-play events and the new YCA junior rapid-play league.


The total for February is 3,077 as compared with 1,697, a surprising increase of 81%.  There are 1,510 names in the February list which were not in the January list, implying 130 players have dropped out of the list.


The total number of players in the downloadable extract from the ECF Rating website has on the other hand dropped from 26,617 in January to 24,914 in February, which is a reduction of about 7%.  Those figures include blitz and on-line play.  Some of the reduction might have resulted from pruning out of irrelevant old records; that is not clear.


The number of players with February standard-rate over-the-board ratings in the full ECF downloadable list is 15,885.  The corresponding number of players in the Yorkshire extract is 1,890, which is nearly 12% of the ECF total, though one has to remember many in the Yorkshire extract have greater connections to other counties, and the “hard-core” Yorkshire element will be somewhat less.


The current population of England is currently very roughly 56.5 million of which very roughly 5.4 million is in Yorkshire (c. 9.6%).  So, Yorkshire’s chess-playing population seems to conform numerically to the approximate national average, though may be slightly higher than average due to having more major locations of high population density as compared with more-rural counties.