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Lancashire Chess Association


Some months ago, the Lancashire Chess Association website closed down, supposedly for maintenance, giving just an all-purpose contact e-mail address.


As from about the start of January, an entirely new LCA website has sprung into life, albeit still under development.  The most telling page at present narrates how Barclay’s Bank had closed down the LCA’s bank accounts due to inactivity during COVID, with freezing of the assets.  Thus, collecting money in and paying it out became impossible.  Read here.  So, maybe the old website could not be retained as the LCA lacked the mechanics to make a necessary payment.


Apart from the banking problem, there is the ever-present problem which so many organisations experience, that of filling posts.  Read here on that topic.


Outside Lancashire, the main evidence of problems was the county’s inability to enter teams in the NCCU inter-county team competitions, which initially might have been due just a shortage of captains after Bill O’Rourke had stepped down from that function, but the need to pay fees to the NCCU would kick in eventually.


The present season, 2022-23, is actually the 125th anniversary season of the Lancashire Chess Association, which was formed on 03/11/1897.  Prior to that there was formed in 1891 a Lancashire Chess League Association, but that was not concerned with outward facing activity such as inter-county chess, concerning itself with just internal activities.


There are, of course, fears that the LCA is on the verge of folding, one way or another, but we on the east of the Pennines know well that there are worthy and able organisers on the western side, and we all, I am sure, wish Lancashire success in emerging from the present mists of uncertainty.


The Red Rose can flourish again.



Steve Mann