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Ilkley Chess Centre: New Website and 2nd Chess Festival Announced


Eaqle-eyed observers had noticed the Ilkley Chess Centre’s website had been “de-commissioned”, to quote Google.  Well, a new website has been announced in an e-mail from Andrew Wainwright, the address being www.ilkleychesscentre.com.


On the “Events” page (https://ilkleychesscentre.com/events) there is listed the 2nd Ilkley Chess Festival, at Ilkley Grammar School, on 17th & 18th June 2023.  This is a somewhat slimmed-down version of the first Ilkley Chess Festival (see here), with entrants limited to 80 in contrast with 161 participants last time, sections down from 4 to 3, and advertised place-prizes totalling £1,125 rather than £2,020.


A “plus” feature for some will be the strategy of a two-day congress with 3 rounds on the Saturday and 2 rounds on the Sunday: the “busy person’s” format, as it has been described by one congress organiser in the past.


One senses the 1st edition may have made a loss!  No matter; with any luck, the event can be built up from the 2nd edition’s more-modest foundations, and will, we doubtless all hope, be able to expand and become one of Yorkshire’s regular and popular congresses.


Looking back at the Bradford congresses (to be resumed in the future, or does Ilkley replace it?), the latest three, in 2017, 2018 and 2019, had respectively 85, 89 and 103 players.  With any luck, Ilkley will be able to improve on that in years to come.