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U-1450 Match Report


Following the county matches on 26/11/2022, U-1450 captain Steve Westmoreland has sent a “thank you” e-mail including a general update to team members as follows:


What a brilliant day yesterday.  We had some close games but took the match in the end, courtesy of a stunning comeback from two pawns down, by Kai.  Dan and Steve have continued their 100% win record for the u1450s, with Sebastian and Alex joining them.  Jacob scored his first win for the county with Stuart having the only draw.  Apologies that I could not be there for long but the u2050 were down a player, so I had to step in.


Thank you for playing and representing Yorkshire.  It was a smashing venue and historical moment in Chess as we finally welcomed Greater Manchester into the NCCU after a 40-year dispute with Lancashire (for anyone interested in what happened, this is a useful thread: NCCU and the MCF - English Chess Forum (ecforum.org.uk) - it also explains why some of us were getting smiles, hugs and friendly welcomes from the opposition!.


The u1450s have now qualified for the National Stages in April and finished 1st place in the Northern Counties stages.  Unfortunately, the Northumberland Captain was too overloaded to also run a u1450s team, Merseyside could not get a Captain and Lancashire also cannot field teams having administrative issues after Bill stepped down. 


We will be back in April to face Essex, Middlesex, Norwich and the usual crowd. I will re-state that we have the strength to win the England finals and this is the core squad to do it. Especially with Amelia and Awen to come back in. 


Please all go back to your clubs and continue to play standard play games ahead of April. Coaches - please can you ensure your juniors get lots of games in the meantime.


Thank you for making the trip yesterday and all your efforts. It was a fantastic and successful day.


Kind regards,


Steve Westmoreland

07921 659456