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Yorkshire League - Info for First Round of Fixtures


YCA Competitions Controller Andrew Zigmond has sent out the following message by e-mail.


Dear All


The first round of fixtures has crept up on us and are now just a week away.  At the same time the YCA are transitioning from one website to another and I am aware there is currently no definitive hosting of club contacts and venues.  I am hoping to have something out no later than Tuesday (I am working over the bank holiday).  This should have been done sooner and if it has caused any club inconvenience I apologise.  My partial excuse is a) a lot of work this month getting Harrogate up and running at our new venue and b) last year the league pretty much ran itself, this year has seen more of a changing of the guard.


In the meantime if anybody needs information desperately please let me know and I'll do my best to help.