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New YCA Website and Policy on Personal Contact Details


A new YCA website standing on its own legs has been rumoured for a while.  This pre-existing website was adopted by the 2018 AGM as the official YCA website - following on from its original purpose of being a sort of on-line Year Book.  This, however, is not wholly satisfactory as this website is nevertheless essentially independent of the YCA.


A more critical consideration has since arisen.  New YCA President Andrew Wainwright is concerned by the scam e-mails targeted at the YCA, as with many other organisations, over some years, mentioned earlier, here.  Accordingly, a new YCA website separate from this website is being set up, with a new policy on the communication of contact details such as YCA officials and club officials.


Accordingly, as an immediate step, the “Officers” and “Club Information” pages have been removed from this website, and the YCA will be issuing information on both the new website’s address and the new contact-information policy in due course.  As relevant static information is found to appear on the new YCA website it will probably be appropriate to remove that information from this site.


This website will of course continue its main function as a Yorkshire-centric news website.