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Yorkshire Extract from 1st August 2022 ECF Rating List


The Yorkshire extract from the ECF 1st August rating list has lost 8 of the 1571 players listed in the July list, all 8 being players who have not played since the cessation due to Covid, and even then had not been very frequent players.


To the 1563 remaining players in the July list have been added 40 new players, most if not all being juniors participating in one or more of various junior events in July.


That gives a total of 1603 players in the August list.  (Only standard-rate over-the-board ratings are included in this extract.)


There are still many K-category ratings listed for people who have not returned to rated over-the-board chess since the cessation due to Covid.  How long these continue to be listed despite not meeting the criterion of at least 10 rated games in the prior 12 months remains unclear.


A significant number of such players have no rated games from the last 28 months or so, and were originally dropped from the rating list when the new system of rating categories was introduced, only to be granted reinstatement with a temporary stay of execution until some sort of normality returns.  The 1st March 2023 list would seem a plausible point at which to administer the coup de grace.


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