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Papers for YCA AGM 2022


Below are papers for the YCA AGM to be held on 18 June 2022, starting 16:00, at

The Chess Centre, 8 Crescent Court, Ilkley, West Yorkshire, LS29 8DE.

(Note that this is an upstairs venue without wheelchair access.)


The President has asked that reports be placed on the website so that people can read them before the meeting in the hope that they can be “taken as read” by those at the meeting, freeing up time for other matters.  Obviously, questions on reports will need to be entertained.


Documents and Reports etc from Officers, Captains and Others

(More to be added if/as and when received.)



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Link to downloadable document



Agenda (docx)

Minutes of 2019 AGM


Minutes 2019 AGM (docx),

Minutes 2019 AGM (odt)

Officials’ Reports


President Report

President Report (.docx)

Treasurer: accounts

Accounts 2020-22

Accounts 2020-22 (.pdf)

& non-ECF member list

Non-ECF Member Report

Non-ECF Member Report (docx)

Comp. Controller

Comp Controller Report

Comp Controller Report (docx)

Controller for Corres. Ch.

Correspondence Chess

Correspondence Chess (.docx)

Grading Officer

Grader Report

Grader Report (.docx)

County Match Summary *

County Match Summary

County Match Summary (.docx)

U-1650 Captain

U-1650 Captain

U-1650 Captain (.docx)

U-1450 Captain

U-1450 Captain

U-1450 Captain (.docx)

NCCU Delegate

NCCU Delegate Report

NCCU Delegate Report (.docx)

ECF Delegate

ECF Delegate Report

ECF Delegate Report (.docx)

Website Controller

Web/YB Report

Web/YB Report (.docx)

Other Documents

League Structure Proposals

Proposals re League 2022-23

Proposals re League 2022‑23 (.docx)

League Date Proposals

League Date Proposals

League Date Proposals (.docx)

Rule Change Proposals

See below

Rule Change Proposals (docx)

* Individual match captain’s reports will be posted as/if received.


Proposed Changes to the Rules

(The current wording of the Rules can be found here.)


Proposals from Competitions Controller Andrew Zigmond,

a) rewording of the rule regarding postponed matches.  After discussion with Jim I've decided not pursue the idea of preventing teams requesting a postponement benefitting from any defaults.

b) reworking the rules relating to board order to bring them into line with monthly rating lists.  I was going to allow the start of season list to be used at any point during the season if captains wished but Jim was opposed to that as it defeats the object of having monthly rating lists.  My reasoning was that some clubs do like a set board order but given that they are not obliged to play in strict rating order anyway it shouldn't cause massive problems.

c) digital time controls now have primacy in all divisions although analogue time controls can still be used by clubs not possessing digital clocks.


A5 final sentence to read:

“If a postponement is agreed the team requesting the postponement must contact the opposing team within two weeks of the date of the match and offer two dates for the match to be played on.  If the other team rejects both those dates then the matter should be referred to the controller who will impose a binding date for the match to be played.  If the team requesting the postponement does not make contact within two weeks, the other team will be given the option of claiming the match.”


A16 to read:

“At the start of the match captains shall exchange lists of their respective team members, listed in descending order of playing strength and players will be paired in accordance with these lists.  Playing strength will be determined by the rating list as published by the ECF on the date of the match and this rating will be recorded on the match card.  A captain does not have to order their team strictly in accordance with their rating provided that a player does not have a rating more than 150 points above that of a player on a higher board.  If this occurs the board concerned will be deemed in violation.  The penalty for infringement of this rule will be the deduction of a game point.”


A17 to read:

“If a player has no rating captains shall place that player in their team list according to their estimated playing strength.  The penalty for any proven infringement of this rule shall be as defined in Rule A16.”


A22 to read:

“All games will be played at the rate of all moves in 110 minutes with a 10-second increment being added from the start.  If no digital clocks are available a time control of 42 moves in 1 hour 45 minutes plus fifteen minutes to complete the game will apply.”