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Yorkshire League - End of Season Report and Consultation for 2022-23


Competition Controller Andrew Zigmond has sent an e-mail winding up the season by giving winners, and also looking forward to 2022-23, as follows:


Dear All


Well, we got there!  The Yorkshire League "comeback" season has been completed, despite the wobble around New Year when we thought new restrictions might be coming in.  I would like to congratulate the following teams on their victories:



York A


Rose Forgrove


Ilkley Dragons


The AGM has been scheduled for Saturday 18th June, likely at the Ilkley Chess Centre and an email from the YCA secretary will confirm arrangements in due course.


This season actually marks a milestone; believe it or not this June will mark the 10th anniversary as my election as controller.  I started with the near impossible task of succeeding Stuart Johnson and I have in the main, greatly enjoyed it.  I am proposing to put myself at the service of the YCA in June, however due to (twice postponed) concerts falling on the Saturdays on either side and having a job that requires weekend working I am likely to be apologies for the AGM as getting three consecutive Saturdays off work will be impossible.




I would be grateful if all clubs could confirm by SATURDAY 14TH MAY how many teams they wish to enter in the league.  There was an understanding that teams that chose not to enter last September could take up their places the following year, due to the circumstances of the time.  This may necessitate some shuffling of division sizes, however no team eligible for promotion will be denied it. Once the consultation period elapses, I will set out a proposed structure, together with dates, that the AGM can either accept or amend as they see fit (the decision rests with them, not me).




It seems ages ago now but it was only in 2019 that incremental time controls were introduced in the Woodhouse Cup and made optional in the two lower divisions.  It seemed likely that there would have been a proposal to make the league fully digital the following year, had the AGM taken place.  Given that digital clocks have become more prevalent now I intend to propose that the 110+10 time control takes primacy although the old 42 in 105 with a 15 minute quickplay finish will still exist if digital clocks are not available.




There will be some cosmetic changes necessary to bring the rules in line with the move to four-digit ratings and also clarify what list should be used for board order purposes (my suggestion will be that either the rating list at the time of the match or the start of season list is used - some clubs prefer to keep the same board order all year round).


I also want to propose that in the case of a match being postponed the following rules come in to force (a formal rewording of the rules for the AGM to vote on will follow).


a) If a postponement is agreed the team that requests the postponement must contact the opposing team within two weeks and offer two alternative dates which the opposing team may choose from. If a date cannot be agreed then the controller will set a date which will be binding and if no contact is made within two weeks the other team will have the option of claiming a default.


b) A team that requests a postponement cannot then benefit from any defaulted boards on the day of the rearranged match, provided these are communicated 24 hours in advance.