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Ingbirchworth Chess Club


In the current climate things are changing quite rapidly.  Some older players are receding into the background, yet at the same time new players are popping up, due in part to the recent film The Queen’s Gambit, and also due to some on-line players moving across to over-the-board chess.  These changes are of course strategically good.


However, some clubs as such are struggling one way or another to continue, some having definitely folded.  So, it is newsworthy when new clubs arise.


A new club, at the Fountain Inn, Wellthorne Lane, Ingbirchworth, S36 7GJ, has been set up recently by a “lapsed” past chess-player, Dave Berry.


The village of Ingbirchworth is just within the territory of the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley, but is near to Holmfirth, over the border in Kirklees.  It is NW of Penistone.  The population is very roughly 500.


There are 6 or so reasonably committed members at present, with more “possibles” in the pipeline.


One problem is that at present their chess sets are small, and efforts are being made to get some decent-sized ones.


The clubs at Ingbirchworth and Holmfirth are in contact with each other



(Based on information relayed by Steve Westmoreland.)