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Game: IM Robert Graham Wade 0-1 Peter Cooper (now Pontefract)


According to the Newcastle Evening Chronicle of 06/04/1973, Alec Perry, chairman of Newcastle-upon-Tyne Chess Club, and Jim Steedman of North Shields Chess Club and Northumberland county champion at the time (graded 194 in the 1973 BCF grading list), met up at a residential chess course being given in Scarborough by New Zealand-born twice British champion Robert Graham Wade.  The two decided to approach Wade regarding him giving simultaneous displays both to Newcastle Chess Club and North Shields Chess Club.


So it came about that on Friday 06/04/1973, Wade gave a simultaneous display over 32 boards at Brunswick Methodist Church Hall, Newcastle, and another 32-board display on Saturday 07/04/1973 at the YMCA, Church Way, North Shields.


At North Shields, Wade evidently lost two games, one being to Peter Cooper, now of Pontefract.


In the game R G Wade 0-1 Peter Cooper, 07/04/1973 (click on the link to play through the game, using the browser’s “back” function to return to this page) White allowed Black to invade down the d-file, so losing the minor exchange, then followed up by later overlooking a piece being en prise.  To be fair to Wade, he had been “softened up” the day before by the Newcastle Chess Club.  Nevertheless, a win is a win!


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