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Game: Joe Varley (Hull B) 0-1 Peter Cooper (Pontefract)


Peter Cooper, now 80 years of age and pushing 81, was reminded recently of his win, in his penultimate game played for Pontefract’s I. M. Brown team, over young Joe Varley of Hull, then 18 years of age.  The match saw an out-graded Pontefract team beating the Hull B team by 4˝‑3˝, much to the gratification of the Pontefract captain, the late Bill Pinder.


Peter says, “About two weeks before the game I'd had a look at Simon Williams’ DVD 'Killer Dragon' and happened on his 'Dragadorf variation'.  I'd been looking for a reasonable reply to 1.e4 so this suited me fine, and hopefully might surprise some of my future opponents.”


In the game Joe Varley 0-1 Peter Cooper, 15/02/2021 - click on the link to play through the game, using the browsers “back” function to return to this page - White imprudently played a plausible routine Rhe1 not realising the potency of an imminent sacrificial knight check at b3, resulting in a triumph for the prepared opening line.


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