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ECF Election for Post of Chief Executive


A joint statement from Malcolm Pein and Mike Truran has been sent out to Council delegates and posted to the ECF website:


ECF Elections - Chief Executive


There will not be a contested election for the post of Chief Executive ECF AGM on 16th October.


After constructive discussions, Malcolm Pein and Mike Truran have agreed a way forward on the matters where they previously differed. Malcolm will continue as International Director and Mike will stand for CEO unopposed.


Both parties agreed that a closely contested election would not be in the interests of the ECF at a critical time for the organisation and the development of chess in this country.


Mike and Malcolm commented: “We have worked together for several years and look forward to combining our skills to secure a bright future for the ECF and to popularise and develop the game”. We are confident that, with the support of the ECF Board and the English chess community, we can move the ECF forward for the benefit of all chess players”.




So, the action replay of the showdown at the Okay Corral has been cancelled.  The slight inaccuracy in the statement is that Mike Truran will be unopposed, as “None of These” is still a candidate!!