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Yorkshire League 2021-22


Andrew Zigmond has sent out a PROVISIONAL fixture list with a covering note in an e-mail.  Check it and speak up if there is anything amiss, by 11/08/2021!  The text of Andrew’s e-mail is below, the participating clubs and composition of the divisions is here, and the provisional fixture list is here.


Dear All


Well here we are! The provisional fixtures for next season are attached. Due to the relative lateness of being able to send these out, compared to normal years, can I ask for any urgent problems to be communicated to me no later than next Wednesday 11th August so that the fixtures can become official.


A note on the methodology. There are nine teams each in the Woodhouse Cup and IM Brown and six in the Silver Rook. This means that the top two divisions play a ten round league with a bye and the Silver Rook is on a double round structure; hence an extra weekend. Each team was assigned a position in the relevant Berger table at random, with the exception of those clubs that needed their teams at home together or alternately home/away. Therefore the pairing of York A and Sheffield in the final round is completely coincidental, although it will likely please both teams.


It goes without saying that I can't predict what the situation will be in Summer 2022 so the structure for future seasons will be decided at the 2022 AGM, although I feel strongly that the top two teams in each division should be entitled to promotion, as per the league rules.


One administrative point. In the middle of everything else that has been going on the ECF have changed from three digit gradings to four digit ratings. Therefore the "20 point tolerance" specified in Rule A16 shall be adjusted to 150 points (a suggestion from Steve Mann) although we might not be able to formalise this until 2022. Hopefully the focus on this season will be restarting over the board chess and not rule technicalities.


Which takes me on to my final point. During the consultation process it has been noticeable that there is a stark difference between those clubs who are restarting local activities with a view to attracting new players, and those that aren't. While I appreciate that some clubs have different individual circumstances and some players may still wish to shield, at Harrogate a couple of weeks ago I was able to run an informal rapidplay tournament where roughly a third of entrants had joined the club post lockdown. Some clubs are doing even better so surely this shouldn't be impossible for every club to replicate.