Yorkshire Chess Association





Consequences of the Change from Grades to Ratings


1)  Wording of Rules


The YCA League Rules refer to grades whereas now we have ratings.  The need for an essentially cosmetic adjustment was recognised long ago, but there has been no AGM to formally effect appropriate changes.


The Rules as published on this website have been reworded replacing “grade” and related words to “rating” and related words, without affecting the operation of the Rules.  The one thing to note is the corresponding numerical change in the grade tolerance of 20 grading points (with regard to board order) which translates to 150 rating points.


For about 24 hours this was actually shown as 850 due to lack of concentration on the part of the writer.  (A grade of 20 translates to a rating of 850, and routinely repeating a familiar calculation caused the error.)


2)  Word Result Form


The Word result form accessible via a link at top centre of the home page has been revised to allow 4-digit numbers.  Note that Word may open the document in “Read Mode”.  If that is the case, fields cannot be edited, and you need to click on “View” (probably near top left) and from the drop-list select “Edit Document”; then you can enter data.