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Club Information, Year Book


The first Yorkshire League matches of the season are scheduled for 2nd October 2021, and captains will soon be making arrangements for their first matches, but some captains potentially face difficulties due to items of opposing clubs’ information being missing.


Missing Club Information


Club information received to date, re venues, captains and secretaries are to be found on the YCA website here, to which page a link is on the left-hand side of the home page.  Missing items are highlighted in red


Clubs for whom some information is still missing have been e-mailed today to chase these up.  I realise people will be feverishly struggling to address outstanding problems, but where captains’ details are still undetermined it is hoped an interim contact will be supplied, lest opposing captains need to make contact before the first matches.


Where’s The Year Book?


For a number of reasons I will not be producing a Year Book for 2021-22.  As I recall, Competitions Controller Andrew Zigmond indicated a while ago that he thought a YCA Year Book was perhaps inappropriate for 2021-22, and both Jim Burnett (President) and Rupert Jones (Vice-President) have agreed it is not practical this season – and the Treasurer should be happy!


Club Information will be on the website as indicated above.  I plan to provide downloadable/printable versions of things such as the Club Information page and Grading List, and could possibly provide printouts by post to those without printing facilities, though that would be on a limited basis.  Club information, fixtures and details of YCA officials (in the manner of the old Diary) could be mailed out once the information is available, but that has not been discussed.


Steve Mann

Website and Year Book Editor