Yorkshire Chess Association





Club Information for 2021-22


Information is being sought from clubs for the Club Information 21-22 page of this website.


Some clubs have lost their venues and are looking round for new ones.  Some captaincies are as yet unfilled.  West Leeds has as yet to reply, but the venue is assumed for the time being to be unchanged, but captain and secretary are yet to be communicated.


Doncaster is looking a little uncertain as to whether it will be able to participate as things have turned out.


Missing information is marked (to be advised) in the Club Information page.


We do not know what legal covid restrictions might be in place in October 2022, when the season is due to start, and it is possible, as now is the case, that some club venues will have put in place some sort of restrictions of their own (as is their right, of course), so nearer the start of the season it would make sense if any such things were added to the Club Information page, and, of course, opponents would need advising well in advance of a match, to avoid disputes.


A recent trip to Whitby showed how things can vary geographically.  There were more small shops limiting numbers allowed in at any one time.  Some shops are still insisting on the wearing of masks (to protect others of course, not to protect the wearer), some “requesting” the wearing of masks, and others adopting the more relaxed covid-denial approach.  At least one busy pub advertised that you may not stand at the bar, preferring table service still (for which they obviously had the staff).  One café was “take-away only”.


Whitby differs somewhat, it seems, from Rotherham.