Yorkshire Chess Association





Election of ECF Direct Member Representative on Council


Some time ago, the ECF advertised for candidates for the 5 categories of Direct Member Representative on the ECF Council.  This involves them attending two Council Meetings per year and casting votes on behalf of ECF Members of the category they represent.  That necessitates trying beforehand to elicit the opinions of those people.  The percentage of members in larger categories who actually express opinions to their reps does not usually get published, and is believed to be so low as to be statistically virtually meaningless.


For Life, Platinum, Gold and Bronze Member Reps there were exactly the required two candidates (in most cases the present incumbents), but for the two posts to represent Silver Members, there were four candidates: Jonathan Miller, John Reyes and Tim Wall (the latter two being the present incumbents) and none other than Steve Westmoreland of Holmfirth.


So, if you are a Silver member, then you know who to vote for! well one of them when the e-mail eliciting your vote arrives from the ECF.  (It may have already gone out by now.)