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ECF Membership Renewals


Buy one, get one free,

or more accurately

buy the last ¼ of one (for the price of a whole one), and get the next whole one free.


ECF Membership runs from 1st September one year, to 31st August the next year, and you still pay the full annual fee, even if you take out the membership mid-season.  Normally, that means that if you take out membership in June, it runs out after 3 or 4 months, giving you a quarter of a cake for the price of a whole one.


In order to avoid this “problem” for those not currently holding 2020-21 membership who want to ease into the hoped-for return to over-the-board chess via the various pre-season on-line and over-the-board events (requiring ECF Membership) being optimistically planned by the ECF, 4NCL, counties, and local associations, the ECF has come up with an offer for those newly taking out or renewing membership from now to the start of next season:


“Anyone who either renews their membership for 2020-21 or takes out a fresh one from 15th May onwards will have their membership automatically extended until 31st August 2022 free of charge once 2021-22 memberships become available.”


“This applies to all membership levels, including free memberships (Free Junior Silver, QGS) and supporter.”


(Quotes from https://www.englishchess.org.uk/ecf-membership-renewals/.)