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New On-Line Chess Club for Secondary Schools


Dan Staples of York, with his “Chess in Schools and Communities” hat on, writes:


CSC is launching an online chess club for secondary schools, please see below.

The club is open to all pupils of secondary school age – state, private, home educated – we just want it to be as widely used as possible.  Schools don’t need to be part of the CSC programme and membership of the club is completely free.

Please let your contacts at schools know.  We can also do free ChessKid accounts for primary schools.


Kind regards,


Dan Staples


The supplied advertising blurb is as follows.




CSC is delighted to announce the launch of a new online chess club aimed at secondary school pupils. Membership of the club is open to anyone aged 11-18 in the UK and is completely free of charge. The club makes use of the Lichess platform and is suitable for chess players of all abilities, from beginner to expert.


Members of our club will be able to improve their chess skills through interactive lessons and the vast library of puzzles available on Lichess. They can participate in regular CSC tournaments in a variety of formats and try their hand at the full array of chess variants: Crazyhouse, Chess960, Antichess, and Atomic Chess. Schools can enter team battles to compete against their counterparts from across the country. Our aim is to develop a club to complement our 
ChessKid offering for primary schools which now has over 33,000 members and will soon host its 300th tournament.




How to sign up?
If you're a teacher and want to enrol pupils at your school, CSC will create accounts for you to distribute. The accounts will be in "Kid Mode", ensuring your children stay safe online. We will help you create a teacher's account so you can monitor your pupils' progress. The club is also open to individual children with their own free Lichess accounts.
Details of how to register for accounts or to join the club can be found 

If you have any questions about our new club, feel free to contact us. We look forward to seeing your children taking part in our competitions soon.

Best wishes,