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Bradford Chess Centre Launch


A new enterprise, formally known as the Bradford Chess Centre Ltd (company no. 12582634), was incorporated on 01/05/2020, with Andrew Wainwright and Matthew Webb as its two directors.  It now has premises at Crescent Court, Ilkley, LS29 8DE (though they do not say which number in Crescent Court), and access is via an external staircase to first-floor premises, above some sort of shop, by the looks of it.  (Seemingly all of Crescent Court is commercially rated as “shop & premises”.)  Decoration of the premises is in progress, according to the Bradford &DCA website.


In an e-mail of 07/03/2021, Andrew Wainwright announces, as part of a launch of the Chess Centre, trial initial runs of what are planned as regular congress-type events, standard play and rapid play, run in all-play-all graded sections, sorry rated sections, each of six players so as to comply with Covid restrictions.  An extract from the e-mail reads:


As part of our "soft-launch" in May we will be starting our social nights, match nights, junior training events and all sorts of exciting initiatives.


Additionally, we will be piloting a monthly long-play Congress Tournament (22nd/23rd May) and RapidPlay Tournament (29th May).  Both of these events will be limited to 12 players per event, as a trial of both our internal systems and the venue as a whole.  As a result it is first come, first served, in relation to booking these initial events.


This invitation is being sent initially to players who have supported us as part of the project, or who have already signified an interest in playing in competitions at the Chess Centre.  As such these events are open to both members, non-members and prospective members.


Details of the tournaments are given in a leaflet attached to the e-mail.


It worries me (Steve Mann) that the premises and the nature of the activity will not in fact fall within scope of what Step 3 of the Road Map will permit.  Is such chess activity within the scope of “indoor adult group sports”?  [PS Guidance published a little later by the ECF seems to think chess is included.]  (The company has a SIC code of 93120, “Activities of sport clubs”, but I would not rely on that having any bearing.)  The organisers will of course be able to check that nearer the time.


The Bradford & DCA hopes to hold its Bob Burns Tournament (a Bradford internal event) at the Chess Centre, with successive rounds scheduled for 22nd June, 6th July, 20th July, 3rd August, and 17th August, which dates are after the scheduled date for the final step of the Road Map, and so at this stage look relatively safe.  So, any Bradford & District players who have not read their website recently may wish to look there for details!