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Two Junior 4NCL Games Added to Games Page


Playing through Junior 4NCL games reveals that juniors have a tendency not to resign in wholly lost positions.  It almost seems the players intentionally choose to amuse themselves with a fun game of cat and mouse, playing things out to mate.  Fair enough; resignation scores “nil points”, like a UK Eurovision Song Contest entry.


The following two games come from Hull & York Assassins’ round 4 match with Kent Junior Chess Association Young Kestrels B team.

Mate Ther

(Hull & York Assassins)


Radha Ratnesan

(KJCA Young Kestrels B)

Orla Dorman

(KJCA Young Kestrels B)


Aaron Rich

(Hull & York Assassins)

(Click on game result to play through game.)


The first game features an exchange sacrifice in the late opening, which proves not quite enough to get a winning attack, but which leads to a win because the opponent goes wrong.  The game illustrates the idea expressed in the first paragraph.


The second saw an interesting build-up of multiple pieces simultaneously en prise, arising from the idea that to defend your own piece you attack another of your opponents, until something snaps.