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Yorkshire On-Line League and Individual Competitions


It has been a while since I sent an update to all Yorkshire League players and captains. I had hoped that we might be making more strides back to normality by now but as we know that doesn't seem to be the case. Some of you may remember that I was proposing an over the board mini league but unfortunately the rule of six prevented that from happening. However I am pleased to announce the YORKSHIRE ONLINE LEAGUE and would like to invite entries.




The exact format will be dictated by the number of entries but it is hoped to have a maximum of five matches played between now and the end of February. The proposed dates for before Christmas are Saturday 28th November and Saturday 12th December and the basic proposal is as follows;

a) teams of eight

b) matches played at the traditional Yorkshire league starting time of 14:30

c) games played on Lichess at a time control of 45 minutes plus 15 increment

d) open to existing Yorkshire affiliated clubs with eligibility defined by a reasonable connection to that club (for example it's fine if a player has played in the local league, even if they didn't represent their specific club in the Yorkshire league but former members now resident elsewhere are not permitted).


Please could I ask for entries by Saturday 21st November at the absolute latest. This obviously gives a 1 week turnaround before the first round so I will aim to announce the format/ pairings the following day. Nil responses from clubs would be helpful.


Regarding the Yorkshire League proper it looks unlikely that we will be able to resume over the board play until at least Spring. One possibility the committee have kept open is finishing the abandoned season; however that will depend on how quickly clubs can regroup and whether there will be withdrawals that may render this non-viable. Therefore it would be useful to have an update from clubs as to how they stand and whether they would welcome a swift return to over the board play.





In my previous email I floated the possibility of a Yorkshire Individual championship played via Lichess. However I have been anticipated by the Rotherham Chess Club who have set up their own online tournament together with an online community which they are now expanding across the whole of Yorkshire; I have been playing in their most recent cycle of events. After discussion with the YCA committee we happy to endorse their events and encourage all Yorkshire players to enter.


Rotherham are inviting entries for their next round of events which consist of an eight round championship with a separate set of division competitions split according to grade. The organisers would prefer entries to be made through the links given below although I can forward any enquiries. Games are played at the rate of one game a week with games scheduled through mutual agreement.









The ECF have announced their own online championship to take place over the holiday period (note that the Rotherham event takes a break over this time). Details here https://www.englishchess.org.uk/british-online-chess-championships/ It's also worth keeping an eye on the 4NCL website for details of their occasional online tournament.



best wishes and stay safe