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ECF 4-digit Ratings, with Monthly Rating, Now in Effect


4-Digit Ratings


People’s 3-digit ECF July grades, as amended in August, have been converted to 4-digit numbers, which are to be called “ratings”.  The conversion used was the one currently used to convert ECF grades to ELO ratings for tournament purposes etc., i.e.

Rating = 7.5 x Grade + 700.


New ECF Rating Website


A new ECF rating website is now accessible at https://www.ecfrating.org.uk/v2, but be warned that it does not work fully in Microsoft Internet Explorer, which even Microsoft have tacitly acknowledged was not equal to modern requirements by launching Edge.  The new site seems to work fine in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, and the programmer appears to use Firefox, so the site presumably works with that!  The development team is still in two minds as to whether to endeavour to support Explorer, or recommend using a different browser.


Another warning regards the colour scheme.  The site launches initially with a black background which is designed to suite mobile phone.  On a laptop or similar, you might prefer the alternative colour scheme to which the site switches if you click on the ECF logo.  The light background enables you to see things which are nigh invisible against the black background.  (Since the time of writing it seems the initial colour scheme has been changed to the lighter one, perhaps due to customer feedback.)


The old grading website remains available at http://www.ecfgrading.org.uk/new/menu.php, though the main part of its historic content has been carried across to the new system.


The new website is described as a “beta” version.  This is not because the development team cannot spell “better”.  The term means the site is being unleashed on the general public to elicit comment which may lead to refinement to please the “punters”.


The overall system still has some points to iron out.  Currently, if you click on “Events” along the top, to show the list of events received, then in the season drop-list select “2020/21”, then three events are listed, one being a test file (derived by modifying a file from last season) inadvertently uploaded by the Yorkshire Grader to the live site instead of the parallel test site.  The grading manager has attempted to remove it, and not succeeded!  (I mention this lest Bingley Chess Club members wonder what is going on.)


Monthly Rating


The long awaited “monthly grading” system, which should perhaps now be termed “Monthly Rating”, is now officially operational.  Many results are presumably still to be extracted directly from the League Management System, but other sources still require some form of grading file being created, in some way, by somebody.  Such result files used to be e-mailed to the ECF for uploading by them.  Now, ECF graders, as they were called, can upload result files directly to the new system, without e-mailing them to the ECF to be uploaded by them.  This saves swamping the individual ECF officer concerned.  There are things still to be ironed out with this process, but it now works well enough in testing, and the Yorkshire Grader is now in a position to accept results of congresses, junior events and club tournaments etc., as before, for submission to the new monthly grading system.


Of course, Covid-19 restrictions coming into effect on 14/09/2020 mean input to the new monthly grading system may be very limited for some time to come, making the whole exercise reminiscent of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, so let’s hope things improve in 2021!



Steve Mann,

Yorkshire Grader