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Accuracy of club information &

Yearbook: further copies

Message from the President

Officers 2019-20

YCA Honorary Life Members

Annual Fees (as revised 2019)

County Match Fees (as revised 2019)

YCA League Fixtures 2019-2020

YCA League Match Venues

Match Correspondents ‑ Woodhouse Cup

Match Correspondents ‑ IM Brown

Match Correspondents ‑ Silver Rook

Secretaries of Competing Clubs

Junior Chess Contacts

Contact Details Index

Chess Clubs/Organisations in Yorkshire

ECF Aug 2019 Grading List Extract

Notes on Grading List Extract

List of Clubs in Yorkshire-based Leagues

League Tables & Match Results 2018-19

County Match Results 2018-2019

Correspondence Chess 2018-19

Yorkshire Junior Activity 2018-19

Recent Winners of YCA Events

YCA Constitution

YCA League Rules (as revised 2019)

Index to Rules

Individual Championship Rules

Event Calendar 2019-20

Yorkshire Individual Championship 2020

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ECF July 2020 Grading List


The new ECF (July 2020) Grading List is now published on the on-line grading database at



Be warned, however, that the downloadable spreadsheet to be found by clicking on “Downloads” is in fact the wrong file, and does not contain the new grades.  For this reason it is not possible as yet for the webmaster to produce a “Yorkshire” list to put on this website.


In practice, the July list gets replaced by an August list with various corrections etc applied to the July list, which is in a sense a first draft for the more reliable August list.  The August list is of course important for the British Championships – except that there are no British Championship this year!  It is a bit like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.


Once monthly grading kicks in after the August list (fingers crossed, touch wood) error-correction will be a kind of rolling mush.  Of course, there may be no games to be monthly-graded!!