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1) Grading Submissions for January 2010 ECF Grading List

2) Plans for Monthly Grading


1) Grading Submissions for January 2010 ECF Grading List


The current period for normal 6-monthly grading ends on 31st December 2019 as regards the date games are played.  All grading submissions will need to be submitted by 14th January 2020.


The “good” news is that the ECF plans to draw off results directly from LMS, bypassing the need for ECF Graders being involved in checking and then submitting old-style grading files to the ECF by e-mail.  This means Douglas Vleeshhouwer, Phil Beckett and myself should not need to worry about doing their bit as ECF graders for the Yorkshire League, the nine Yorkshire local leagues, and those club tournaments which are recorded on LMS.  Other events, i.e. those NOT on LMS, need still to be processed in some way by an ECF Grader such as myself.


In the previous paragraph “good” is in inverted commas because the downside of taking results directly from LMS is that ECF Graders will not subject what is recorded on LMS to their nit-picking pedantic scrutiny which serves to avoid some errors or failures in identification of players.  Without this scrutiny the data which enters the grading system will inevitably be less “clean”, and that will lead to more work for Matthew Carr in sorting things out.  It is expected that Malcolm Peacock, the LMS designer, will be contracting organisers with more details in the near future.


Given that it usually takes about a month to sort out errors etc after the grading period cut-off, one wonders how that will affect monthly grading.


The plan is to continue the present 3-digit grading system though to production of an old-style August 2020 ECF Grading List.  Meanwhile . . .


2) Plans for Monthly Grading


The plan is that once the traditional 3-digit January 2019 list has been prepared, its 3-digit grades will be converted to 4-digit grades (precise formula not yet advertised) as the starting point for the new monthly grading system, initially running as a trial in parallel with the old system.


There will be no pressure from the ECF for Leagues which are not on LMS to increase the frequency of their result submissions if that creates problems for them, but that does not seem to affect anybody in Yorkshire.


Initially, the monthly 4-digit lists will have no status as official ECF grades.  However, if everything seems to be going well, from September 2020 onwards, the old-style 3-digit grading system will be replaced by the new monthly 4-digit system.


From January 2020, it will be more important than ever that game dates are accurate.  Some events outside Yorkshire do submit accurately dated games for various reasons, e.g. a single date for all games over a period of time, but within Yorkshire this is not a problem, as the old Yorkshire grading system had result reporters well trained in that area.



Steve Mann

(YCA Grader)