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Revamped FIDE Website – Not Firing on All Browsers


The FIDE website (https://www.fide.com/) has been revamped, but it does not work properly when viewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer.  It may be it similarly fails in other browsers.  The top of the page should look like this:


(as seen in Google Chrome)


In MS Internet Explorer the FIDE logo at top left is missing as well as the “social media” icons to the right.  Worse, and more humorously, the main links in the second line are missing, except for “Home”.  Thus “News”, “Ratings”, “Calendar”, “FIDE”, “Directory” and “Contacts” all fail to appear in Explorer, so cutting out most of the useful elements of the site, thus:


(as seen in Microsoft Internet Explorer)


The site appears to work okay in Google Chrome and MS Edge, the latter being Microsoft’s replacement for Explorer which is famous for being the web browser most likely not to work as other browsers do.  So, if you normally use MS Internet Explorer and wish to view the FIDE website, then one of the other browsers needs to be used instead.