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Photography at the British Championship


A look at the British Chess Championship website reveals that the photographer supplying photographs hitherto to the “Photography” page (https://www.britishchesschampionships.co.uk/photography/) has been Chris Stratford of Huddersfield Chess club, who is playing in the U120.


Chris played league chess in/for Huddersfield up to the 2013-14 season, and has held office in the Huddersfield club, but ceased league chess thereafter, probably due to a change in working pattern, as in April 2015 he became sport night editor at the Yorkshire Post, for which he had worked since August 1987.  However, he retired on 17th June 2019, after a career of over 45 years in sport journalism, and presumably now has more time for his hobbies.  Being Manchester-born, he follows Manchester United, but his main sporting interest appears to be golf.  (His mother’s maiden name was Palmer, but presumably she was not related to Arnold of said ilk.)  From 2017 he took up playing in a few congresses, and maybe now he will be playing league chess again.


A question which poses itself is whether he is at the British primarily as a photographer and is playing in the U120 to pass the time, or is there primarily to play chess and is taking photographs to fill in the time.