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Source of Digital Clocks


As the YCA has introduced an incremental time limit in the Woodhouse Cup, some clubs may need to obtain more (or more sophisticated) digital clocks.  York apparently have some digital clocks which do not support increments.


In anticipation of demand for cheap, increment-supporting, digital clocks, Rupert Jones, who happens to know the head of DGT, has negotiated a price of 25 Euros (about 22) each on 30 or more DGT 2010 clocks, though a quantity of 50 clocks would make despatch cheaper.


Expressions of interest have already been received by Rupert, but the more orders, even from clubs not specifically needing them for the Woodhouse Cup, would help to build up the numbers necessary for ordering.  So, contact Rupert (rupe961@hotmail.co.uk) if interested.


If this strategy falls through, then Chess Direct supplies the Leap Digital Chess Timer at a slightly higher price, though still under 30.  They have other, more-expensive models as well. and there are other suppliers of chess clocks such as Chess and Bridge.