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Message from ECF Office Regarding Membership for 2017-18


Dear All,


This is just a reminder to Leagues and Clubs that any ECF non-member playing four or more standard play games in 2017/18 (or eight or more rapid play games) in that League or Club will incur a fee of £16 in respect of grading those games. That fee will be charged to the League or Club submitting the results, not to the player. And if the player has such results from more than one League or Club the fee will be applied to each: a player whose League submitted 4+ results and whose Club also submitted 4+ results would generate bills totalling £16 x 2.


The way to avoid these costs is to arrange ECF membership, starting at £16 (£15 online) for Bronze membership. The absolute deadline for this for 2017/18 will be Saturday 30th June online, or the previous day if a player needs to contact the office. Membership will cover all League and Club games for 2017/18.


Full details of joining or re-joining can be found under at https://www.englishchess.org.uk/ or over the telephone on 01424 775222 (Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 4:30pm)


League or Club officers needing clarification of the rules and procedures – and we accept that in some cases they are a bit more complex than we have set out above – should email office@englishchess.org.uk


(NB a list of people seemingly affected, as regards the YCA league, is to be found at Appearances.  Steve Mann)