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The time was when minutes of meeting were hand-written in a Minute Book, and retained for (or lost to) posterity.  After any corrections made at the next meeting, the president or his deputy would sign the minutes as representing the definitive record.


The advent of typewriters encouraged secretaries to type them up, making them less-tidily collatable.  In this connection I remember the late Dave Milton being told off at an AGM for not having a properly ordered Minute Book, just a jumble of loose, typed documents in a ring-binder or the like.


The advent of e-mail probably killed off retention of physical records of meetings.  Accordingly, scraping together minutes from the recent past has proved difficult.  Where the minutes taken by, say, the late Mike Haygarth, who was Minutes Secretary in my youth, have got to is anyone’s guess.


The ones made available here are from the website editor’s own records.  They will not include any corrections subsequently made, being merely the versions sent out prior to next meetings.


If anyone can supply any of the minutes missing from the list on the left (the pink ones), them please e-mail then to me.


Steve Mann