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Ho-ho-ho, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Meltham Chess Club!

(by Steve Westmoreland)


Meltham is the newest Chess Club in the Huddersfield League.  Founded in April 2023 by Rob Mitchell and Brendan Briggs, who came from Holmfirth and Huddersfield respectively, this club is going from strength to strength.


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Food eaten and the junior competition complete, the adult section commences.

Jacob and Harley take the opportunity to play in both competitions.


Many clubs like to steal players to compete in leagues, but Meltham has grown a team.  They were able to stand up a squad to complete in the Yorkshire league’s Silver Rook competition, where they presently sit in 7th place.  A junior team has gone into the Yorkshire Under-18s, and Meltham are to fully enter the Huddersfield League after Christmas.


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Meltham Under-18s at Hull on the 10th of December in the Yorkshire Under-18s League


It is worth noting that Meltham are 6.3 miles from Huddersfield Chess Club, 4 miles from Honley and 5.1 from Holmfirth.  The explosion of chess in the area is remarkable.


Where Rob and Brendan have done particularly well is attracting junior players – particularly of primary school age.  Consequently, on the 18th of December the Club drew the attention of none other than Santa, during the Christmas junior and adult rapidplay competition!


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Santa arrives early to meet the juniors and hand out gifts to the good boys and girls.


Over 50 adults, juniors, parents and a smattering of wider league players attended (including myself and Jacob), enjoying the excellent spread put on by the Travellers Rest in Meltham.  Many juniors, with interested parents looking through, were clutching brand new copies of Gotham Chess’ How to Win at Chess. 


May be an image of 7 people and fondue

Rob had us all with ‘food’, when the invites went out for the Meltham Christmas do.

A big thanks to the team at the Travellers Rest.


Congratulations to Meltham Chess Club in creating such a vibrant new adult- and junior-focused club.


Merry Christmas All!



Steve Westmoreland 

HDCA President & Yorkshire Deputy President”