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English Championships 2023


For reasons which may seem elusive, these days we see the British Championships of over a century’s standing and the relatively-recently instigated English Championships.  Whereas “the British” is, besides its main purposes, the biggest chess congress in the calendar with numerous events of diverse nature, the English Championships consist of just two events, the Championship proper (open) and the Women’s Championship.


The two 2023 English Championships were both seven-round events held over an extended bank holiday weekend from 26th to 29th May, 2023.


In the Open, the winner, just half a point ahead of the field, was Michael Adams with 6 out of 7.  He drew with Mark Hebden and Jonah Willow.  The White Rose flag was carried by Chris Bak of Bradford, who finished 58th-63rd equal out of 65 participants.


In the Women’s Championship, the winner was Katarzyna Toma on 5˝ out of 6.  The White Rose flag in this event was carried by Hull-resident Ukrainian Kamila Hryshchenko who very creditably finished 2nd-4th= on 5 out of 7 in a field of 22 players.  If one of her two losses had been a win . . . .