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English Chess Championship 2022, Rounds 3 & 4


Rounds 3 and 4 were played on the second day, Friday 20th May.


Open Round 3


Sheffield player Oskar Hackner was playing an opponent rated lower than himself.  Oskar attempted to attack down the king’s side but things fizzled out to a draw.  To play through the game on line, click on the link.  (To return to this page use the browser’s “back” function.)

Oskar A Hackner ½-½ Indy Southcott-Moyers.


Huddersfield player Peter Hepworth faced a stronger opponent frequently seen locally on the congress circuit, Shabir Okhai.  In his enthusiasm to attack he allowed his back rank to be occupied by both of his opponent’s rooks which, combined with a troublesome bishop, spelt doom for Hepworth junior - not a disgrace given the strength of the opponent.


Open Round 4


In the second round of the day Oskar, with Black, encountered a significantly weaker opponent than himself, but one who should nevertheless have been able to put up a better fight.  White’s 12th move cannot be criticised for lacking optimism, but enabled Oskar to reel out another somewhat elegant if easy enough win.

David J Ireland 0-1 Oskar A Hackner.




Looking at chess-results.com and the live websites the following day it became apparent that at least two of the live servers had since swapped round the names of Oskar Hackner and Gautham Shenbagakumar, though chess-results.com still showed the pairings Ireland v Hackner and Harvey v Shenbagakumar.


The live servers now (Saturday morning) show Oskar losing to Marcus Harvey in round 4, in a game in which the loser played on until mated.  Nevertheless, the round-5 pairings on chess-results.com show Oskar having 2½ points, consistently with him having won in round 4 versus Ireland, as originally stated.


Peter was similarly due to win if the ratings were anything to go by.  As Black he played what is probably a standard line, sacrificing a pawn to give both sides a passed pawn, with Black’s compensation for the pawn lying in part in the better potential of Black’s bishop.  The imbalance gives potential for both sides to try to win, which is what happened.  The resultant draw score line hides the efforts both players put into trying to win, and it is unclear what was happening in the position which was agreed drawn.  (Time may have been running short.)

Soham Kumar ½-½ Peter Hepworth.