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English Chess Championship 2022, Rounds 1 &2


“Is it not called the British Chess Championship?” you might reasonably ask.  Well, the BCF turned into the ECF, and while the British Chess Championship is still run (last held in October 2021) an English Championship was initiated as well.  Confused?  Well, on closer inspection, the under-50 and under-60 championships reported recently on this site were also “English” not “British” as here described, it seems.  The webmaster was born in Kent, while, as his father explained, his parents were engaged in missionary work there, returning to Yorkshire in 1956.  That means the webmaster is either a Kentish Man or a Man of Kent, which is determined by where in Kent one is born, and he can never remember which he is!


Anyway, the latest manifestation of national championship started on 19/05/2022, running through to 22/05/2022, at Kenilworth, Warwickshire, where the Open Championship and Women’s Championship are running concurrently.


There are two Yorkshire players among the 33 Open Championship participants: Oskar Hackner of Sheffield and Peter Hepworth of Huddersfield.  There are no Yorkshire players evident among the 10 Women’s Championship participants.


Rounds 1 and 2 were played on the first day.


Open Round 1


Oskar was initially ranked 11th by rating and so was in the top half of the draw and so had an opponent weaker than himself in round 1.  The conclusion to his win was an elegant combination facilitated by an injudicious move by his opponent.


Peter, on the other hand, was initially ranked 22nd, and so had a harder time of things and lost to 6th-ranked Jonah Willow, though that handily meant he was then in the top half of the second-round draw.  Every cloud has a silver lining.


To play through the games on line, click on the link.  (To return to this page use the browser “back” function.)

Oskar Hackner 1-0 Harry Z Zheng

Peter Hepworth 0-1 Jonah B Willow.


Open Round 2


This time Oskar encountered a slightly stronger opponent in Matthew Wadsworth and lost.  Meanwhile, it was Peter’s turn to play Oskar’s first-round opponent and he won.

Matthew Wadsworth 1-0 Oskar Hackner

Harry Z Zheng 0-1 Peter Hepworth.