Yorkshire Chess Association





Blackpool Congress 2022


The first post-Covid Blackpool congress took place from 11th 13th March, with about 281 participants.


In the Open, Andrew Ledger of Sheffield and Tim Wall of Forest Hall (who plays also for Leeds) were among the 7 players finishing 1st equal on 4 out of 5.


In the Major, Richard Hardy of York finished 1st-2nd equal on 4 out of 5.


In the Intermediate, Zak Tomlinson of Doncaster finished 1st to 5th equal on 4 out of 5.


In the Minor, Alec Grice of Beverley finished 1st to 3rd equal on 4 out of 5.


In the Standard, the highest-placed Yorkshire player seems to have been David Summerland who finished 15th to 22nd on 3 out of 5.


Full results can be found at http://chess-results.com/tnr618190.aspx?lan=1&art=2&rd=1 and associated webpages.  Some Open games can be played through at https://view.livechesscloud.com/#1897cb67-617d-4bb6-9871-4c941f1d53ad.


Two relatively arbitrarily selected Open games by Yorkshire players can be played through on this website (click on link below; use browser’s back function to return to this page):

Jake Sanger 0-1 Leo Keely from round round 3,

Shabir Okhai 0-1 Andrew Ledger from round 5.


The following is a link to Brendan O’Gorman’s photo-gallery from the event: https://brendanogorman.smugmug.com/Chess/2022/Blackpool-2022/.