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World Championship Game 10


The tenth game between Magnus Carlsen and Yan Niepomniashchy was played on 08/12/2021.


Being now 3 games down in the set of 14 standard-play games, Niepomniashchy was in dire need of a win. Indeed he needed 4 wins at least out of the remaining 5 games to progress to the rapid-play stages.


The opening was another Petroff Defence, and Carlsen reverted to 3. Nxe5 as in game 4, rather than 3. d4 as played in game 8. After 3. Nxe5 d6, Carlsen then played the clumsy-looking 4. Nd3 instead of the 4. Nf3 played in game 4. The result was a relatively uneventful draw, leaving the score Carlsen 6-3 Niepomniashchy.


Click here to play through Game 10, Magnus Carlsen - Yan Niepomniashchy.