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England v Rest of the World, Round 3


Round 3 of the “England v Rest of the World” Scheveningen tournament at the 2021 London Chess Classic was played on 5th December.


The team score after round 2 stood at England 3-3 Rest of World.


Jones-Gelfand was the first game to finish.  After the excitement of yesterday’s game Jones was perhaps tired, and at the same time Gelfand might have been a bit wary of his opponent.  Whatever the reason, the game was a tame-looking 20-move draw.  Meanwhile the other two England players had reasonably promising positions, making the Jones-Gelfand draw plausible match strategy.  Luke McShane was the second to finish, and he appears to have blundered in time trouble at move 42.  Michael Adams achieved the moral victory of queening his passed pawn, but had to agree a draw with Q v R + P


Third-round results were as follows:


Michael Adams


Maxime Lagarde


Gawain Jones


Boris Gelfand


Luke McShane


Nikita Vitiugov



That left the team score after round 3 standing at England 4-5 Rest of World.