Yorkshire Chess Association





British OTB Championship, 2021, Round 3


In round 3, played on 04/10/2021.  The result Keith C Arkell 0-1 Marcus Harvey showed on www.chess.com, without a move being made.  However, the “result” was soon revoked and the game started up; presumably some sort of technical glitch had occurred.  He first game to really finish was the board-1 game Danny Gormally ½-½-Mark Hebden, which culminated after White’s 19th move following a repetitious dance by the black-squared bishops.


In accordance with colour alternation, the three Yorkshire players in the Championship all had White this time round.


Andrew Ledger had White against the nominally weaker Peter Finn, though the latter seems to have been doing quite well recently.  Tripled white major pieces bearing down on a backward black c-pawn led to the win of a pawn, then transition to a queen and pawn ending in which White managed to pick off enough Black pawns to induce resignation.

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Svetlana Sučikova had White against GM Nicholas Pert, the highest-rated player in the event.  In this game too, White ceded the bishop pair (or seized the advantage of the knight pair, as the late Bob Ross of Hull would have seen it).  In time Black activated his Q-side rook and it was not too long before White’s position began to crumble.

Click here to play through the game Svetlana Sučikova 0-1 Nicholas Pert.


Robert Starley had White against higher-rated FM Hamish Olson, who had drawn with Svetlana Sučikova in the previous round.  This was the last game of the round to finish.  After 20 moves the game had in effect reached an ending, with White having 2R + B + N + 6P against 2R + 2B + 6P.  Though Black had a bishop pair, his Q-side pawns were somewhat weak (though not currently attacked), 2 being doubled and all three being isolated.  Not a lot seemed to happen from move 30 to move 50, bar the shunting of pieces round and round.  Then Black started playing more committally, and set about breaking up the K-side pawns, and things started looking more lively, with Black’s bishop pair looking more menacing as Black created a passed pawn on the h-file.  White did not last long after that.

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