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European Individual Chess Championship 2021

England Playersí Games from Round 7


The moves of the games from round 7 have now become available on the event website, and the wins of the three England players against Icelandic opponents turn out all to have involved miscalculated or ill-advised lossed/sacrifices by the Icelanders.


Gawain Jonesís game lasted only 22 moves.† His opponent inexplicably lost bishop for pawn, perhaps based on some miscalculation which made him think he was not losing a piece.

Click here to play through the game Gawain Jones 1-0 David Kjartansson on screen.


Lorin DíCostaís opponent was clearly intentionally sacrificing a knight but perhaps he overlooked the capture with the king, which limited material compensation for the knight to just the one pawn, without seriously compromising the kingís position, and the Icelander resigned at move 28.

Click here to play through the game Lorin DíCosta 1-0 Johann Ragnarsson on screen.


Edmund Playerís opponent went into an ending a pawn down (3P v 4P), but with all pawns on the same side, each player having K + R + N left as regards pieces.† Then at move 64, the Icelander decided to sacrifice rook for knight for no evident good reason, making the England playerís game relatively easier (still hard work!), and the Icelander resigned at move 78 when he found himself in zugswang, being mated in two moves if he did not give up a his knight for want of any other legal move.

Click here to play through the game Edmund C Player 1-0 Olafur Gisli Jonsson on screen.