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British On-Line Championship 2021, Round 8


The 8th and penultimate round of the 2021 on-line British Chess Championships was played on 06/08/2021.  In contrast with round 7, things were far from peaceful, with the top seven boards all being won by one or other of the players.


The top-board game, Gerasimos Giachos v Keith Arkell, was won by Giachos, whose performance, as with that of some other lower-rated players, seems better than his rating suggests.  As a result, Giachos was poised for the last round in the sole lead.  (Click here to play through Gerasimos Giachos 1-0 Keith Arkell on screen.)


The most exciting of the top boards was perhaps the board-2 win by Michael Adams over Jonathan Blackburn, with material sacrifice and material imbalance making for an intriguing game to watch.  (Click here to play through Michael Adams 1-0 Jonathan Blackburn on screen.)


Bogdan Lalić’s 3rd-board win over Paul Dargan was a relatively routine affair.  (Click here to play through Bogdan Lalić 1-0 Paul Dargan on screen.)


Board 4 saw another game with even more extreme material imbalance than on board 2.  (Click here to play through Oliver Stubbs 0-1 Peter Finn on screen.)


On board 5, in the battle of the 14-year-olds, Edison Xu beat Han Yichen in just 16 moves.  Han is by 159 days the older of the two, and so was getting an early experience of the trials and tribulations of the older player being confronted by an up-and-coming junior!  (Click here to play through Edison Xu 1-0 Han Yichen on screen.)


Yorkshire’s sole representative, Robert Starley lost, and now has 4 points out of 8.


Entering the last round, Gerasimos Giachos leads on 6˝ out of 8, followed by Michael Adams and Bogdan Lalić on 6, and Keith Arkell on 5˝.


Publication of the draw for the last round is being withheld until midday, 07/08/2021.