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British On-Line Championship 2021, Round 6


Round 6 of the 2021 on-line British Chess Championships was played on 04/08/2021.


In the game Michael Adams v Bogdan Lalić, both sides had doubled pawns on the king’s side, but Black’s where isolated.  Queen’s side pawns came off, and Adams managed to win one of Black’s isolated doubled e-pawns, but could not squeeze a win out of the K + 4P v K + 3P ending.  (Click here to play through Adams ˝-˝ Lalić on screen.)


In the game Keith Arkell v Yichen Han, Arkell as White managed to convert the one-pawn advantage in a double rook and pawn ending.  (Click here to play through Arkell 1-0 Han on screen.)


Meanwhile Robert Starley got ground down by FM Jonathan Blackburn.


In a do-or-die attempt to win, GM Mark Hebden, now badly trailing behind the leaders by 1˝ points, played a bold (or overoptimistic) knight sacrifice, against Edison Xu, which did not come to anything, and he lost.  (Click here to play through the game Xu 1-0 Hebden on screen.)


In the sole lead now is Keith Arkell on 5 out of 6, followed by Michael Adams, Bogdan Lalić, Paul Dargan and Gerasimos Giachos on 4˝.


The problems of playing a 9-round Swiss with only 34 (35 at the start) players are beginning to surface, as the three leaders have now played each other, so they will get paired against Yichen Han, Jonathan Blackburn and Gerasimos Giachos.


Round 7 (of a total 9 rounds), on 05/08/2021, sees the leading pairings


Bogdan Lalić v Keith Arkell,

Paul Dargan v Michael Adams

Yichen Han v Gerasimos Giachos.


This looks like a holiday for Adams and Han, but the supposedly weaker players seem to be proving more troublesome than their ratings would suggest!